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MS Research Australia has been receiving an ever-growing number of applications. In order to ensure that we effectively use the limited funding envelope we have available, we are introducing the following changes in the 2017 Grant Rounds.
  • MS Research Australia has moved its application submission process to this online Grant Portal.
  • All applications to MS Research Australia must now be made through this portal and a unique application number will be assigned once you start an application.
  • Applicants may only be named on a total of three (3) applications in 2017 and only one as a CIA. This excludes Incubator Grants Round 1 which closed before the revised guidelines were issued and the Macquarie Foundation Group Paired Fellowship which is considered to be a one-off opportunity.
  • Maximum funding limits have been set for grants and stipends. See below.

MS Research Australia offers a range of project grants, fellowships and scholarships to support any research relevant to multiple sclerosis. Although eligibility requirements and conditions differ between awards, all applications must have a direct link to advancing our knowledge of MS or the treatment or management of Multiple Sclerosis.
Unless there is a very clear relationship to MS your application will not be considered.
Grant Eligibility: Applicants must be an Australian or New Zealand citizen or permanent resident (permanent residency status to be confirmed by January of the year the grant is to start).
MS Research Australia may vary of type of award offered in a given year.
Opportunities also exist for MS Research Australia top-up funding for outstanding NHMRC funded Fellowships and Postgraduate Scholarships. Click here for more information. You must apply to both institutions separately.
In 2017 MS Research Australia offers the following grants
  • Incubator Grant Round 1. The Grant-In-Aid funding is typically less than $25,000. This grant closed on February 24 2017. Refer to Incubator round 2 opening and closing dates below for another opportunity. 
  • Project Grants. The Grant-In-Aid funding is typically less than $250,000. Annual funding is likely to range between $50-80,000 per annum over a three year or less period. Applications for this grant closed on April 28 2017. 
  • Postdoctoral Fellowship*. The Stipend Grant-In-Aid funding will be awarded in the range of $40-70,000 per annum over 3 years. Application opening date is April 5 and closes on May 5, which includes receipt of external referee letters.
  • Macquarie Group Foundation Paired Senior Research Fellow/Practitioner Fellow Program.Overall Objective :To facilitate cutting-edge clinical research by funding the salary of a Senior Research Fellow (RF) and part-time salary for research time for a Clinician Fellow (CF) to collaborate on a shared program of research that will accelerate translation of research outcomes into clinical practice.
     Aim: Within the 3-year period of the grant, identify or validate at least one intervention that will significantly improve the lives of people with MS and demonstrate significant progress towards clinical translation and/or implementation of an intervention.
    Funding Overall maximum total of pro-rated $250,000 per annum for 3 years, typically with
    split of up to $143,000 stipend for the Senior Research Fellow (full-time, and up to $100,000 stipend for the Clinical Practitioner Fellow (CF) part-time.  Application opening date is April 10 with a closing date of May 22 including receipt of external referee letters.Macquarie Fellowship briefing document
  • Postgraduate Scholarship*.* The Stipend Grant-In-Aid funding will be awarded in the range of $20-30,000 per annum over 3 years. Application opening date is June 30 and closes on July 28, which includes receipt of external referee letters.
  • Ian Ballard Travel Award. The Grant-In-Aid funding is typically less than $12,000 and is required to be exercised within 12 months of the award. Application opening date is September 1 and closing date is September 29.
  • Incubator Grant Round 2. The Grant-In-Aid funding is typically less than $25,000. Application opening date is June 16 and closes on July 14.
  • TRIP Fellowships*. Applications for the NHMRC Translating Research into Practice (TRIP) Fellowship co-funded by MS Research Australia must be done through the NHMRC website only. The closing date appears to be May 31.

  • Please create a user login and password on this sitee. Click on the Sign-Up button on the top right of the toolbar, or on the right of the screen. Your login and user id are permanent records. Contact information will be available for re-use with subsequent applications. Once logged inselect your application type.
  • Your Grant Office will require a login to view your application prior to submission. They will need to create their own user id and password.
Complete your application in accordance with all instructions and please note the published opening and closing dates
  • The portal will allocate an application number which should then be used as an identifier throughout all communications with MS Research Australia.
  • You will be prompted to create offline documents using the MS Research Australia pre-supplied templates and upload these to your application. Where you are required to upload a document, ensure that any figure and its label are located together.
  • You will also be asked to enter information directly into the portal application forms. Please use Arial font size 10 and single line spacing.
  • Prior to submitting please ensure that you have adequately described team 'membership' and 'ownership' to allow your co-investigators to view and edit the application. Refer to the right-hand column on the application front page. Memberships is not automatically derived from the completion of the application and is a separate action in itself.
  • Following the approval of your application from your institutional grant office, and referees if the grant conditions require this,  you will be required to log back in and SUBMIT your application. You will receive a notification to do this.
  • Various formatting instructions are contained in either the template or the form associated with entering an application. Please comply with these strictly to ensure that your application will not be rejected for non-compliance.
  • Any uploaded document MUST be in PDF format including any external referee letters.  The completed application will be available to you as a consolidated PDF at the end of application. Uploaded word documents do not display in the current version of this software.
  • Should an application be considered non-compliant then it will be rejected
  • At the conclusion of the submission process, you will sent an email requesting a high-quality JPEG photo.  This is for our records , and for use on our website if an application is successful. It will not be distributed to peer reviewers as part of the application process.
  • Rebuttal completion.  Project Grant and Postdoctoral Fellows will be invited to view the textual content of their peer reviews and supply their rebuttal via the Grant Portal.
  • Outcome communication. With the exception of Incubator Round 1 and Macquarie Group Foundation Fellowships, the outcome communication is likely to occur towards the end of November 2017. Incubator grants will occur earlier. Macquarie Group Foundation Fellowships is an expedited process and will occur in July 2017
Please direct any queries as below.

Heather Cato
Grant Co-ordinator
MS Research Australia – Perth Office
02 8413 7950 • 1300 356 467 •
Please note my days of working are Monday and Wednesday.
Please contact me on 0401446843 outside of these days if urgent.